The world we live in today is now smaller than ever.  The advancement in technology over the last decade has massively changed the way people communicate and interact with each other. At the heart of this change lies social media, recent figures show that 68% of Irish people are on Facebook as well as 11% of adults over the age of 15 having a Twitter account.  Companies now see social media as a vital tool in which  to advertise their product/service creating brand awareness as well as continued interaction with their customer base. This type of customer to business relationship is fast becoming the norm as opposed to traditional methods.         


Here are 10 ways in which small businesses can use Facebook & Twitter to their advantage:

1. One of  the key reasons in which companies use Facebook and twitter is that its a terrific way of creating brand awareness.   Having a strong brand is vital for any company to grow a strong customer base and in turn create more business and so maximize profits.

2. Communicating and interacting with a companies target market has become an instantaneous and vital tool for both the business and the customer. Social media, but in particular Facebook and Twitter allows this transaction to run efficiently.

3. Companies can use Facebook and twitter to offer discounts to customers as well as informing customers of potential offers and deals.

4.Monitoring Competition; Social Media allows full access to competitors Facebook and Twitter pages. Small businesses can monitor business activity and what other businesses do on Social Media to promote and try attaining potential customers through the use of competitions or funny stories and all other attention catching methods.

5. Twitter and Facebook provides companies with the perfect platform to view competitors and rival companies.

6. Companies use Twitter and Facebook to create a buzz by publishing articles, pictures, videos etc on their respective pages.This buzz will get customers talking and so increase brand awareness and so highly likely to increase the size of the customer base. Below paddy power illustrates this point perfectly.

paddy power

7. Liking and Following similar companies or complimentary companies on Facebook and Twitter can result in increased awareness and likes/followers for a companies page.  An example of this would be a carpenter liking/ following a builder as they would be in the same line of work and would possibly benefit from being in contact or seen to be in conjunction with one another.

8. Using Facebook and Twitter is a great way for companies to respond publicly to any negative publicity or feedback they may have incurred. Successful and adequate utilization of this tool  will show customers that the company are responsive and genuinely care about their customers wants and needs. The following link explains further how this instantaneous communication should be used for a companies benefit.

9.  One vital tool that Facebook and Twitter allow a company to use is the ability to stand out from the crowd, Companies must be seen to be able to offer something that is interesting and different, this in turn will create a bigger customer base. The following video explains how being the “Purple Cow” is so important and should not be overlooked.

10.  Companies must use Facebook and Twitter to stay relevant and up to date. Posting regularly, especially for new companies trying to establish validity is massively important. However businesses must remember not to overload customers with needless information.  Companies must make sure that their social media posts are consistent and regular. This tells the audience that they are constantly updating, and are the real deal.


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